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Cookies – a food product fueling the main developer of Wiki-Bot. Cookies come in many flavors and sizes. While chocolate cookies are superior to every other type, all cookie types are pretty tasty.[citation needed]

There are many reports that cookies have been spotted at Community Connect 2020 where the main developer was actively encouraging other participants to try some of his cookies.


On the Wiki-Bot help Discord server you can look for cookies using the chicken.

Types of Cookies

Special Cookies



Users are able to find cookie related lore. Only the current VIP is able see all found lore.

Note 1

A long time before cookies became big parts of our lives as they are today,
they were in use by middle age nobility as a token of power. Cookies signified
one's social status, heritage, power... Many nobles wore articles of clothing
showing different types and sizes of cookies, on their hats, cookie badges
interwoven into their expensive garment, boots with metal sticking out cookie
decorations. While size of the cookies usually signified the amount of power
given person had, their type usually recognized how wealthy they were, with
Chocolate Chip cookies meaning they were rather poor as for a noble to
sugar cookies showing incredible wealth. And if you wonder what happened to
ones who tried to become nobles simply by adding cookie related decorations
to their clothing... They were usually banished and stripped of whatever they
had. Not a very dignifying experience.

― A short article in a local newspaper by local historian Barbra Wojtas.

Note 2

In a world like ours people need ways to exchange both physical items but also services.
For example, not everyone is able to have a farm with wheats just
to bake a bread, but economy makes it easier for us to exchange what we already have
for those goods in a way where both the buyer and seller are happy.
This is thanks to the cookies. You've probably seen it countless times – your parents
buying products in the shop giving many different types of cookies in exchange for
your favorite toys or snacks. This global currency is how everyone makes transactions
all over the world. Of course there is a great historical background behind concept of
cookie currency, but that's a story for another time.
Cookie currency has several advantages and disadvantages, mainly, of course, you can
eat cookies! It's rarely a good idea however. Cookies usually are much more worth not
eaten. Besides, due to special hardening and certain anti-fraud protections currency
cookies are usually not as tasty as freshly baked ones. Speaking of freshly baked ones
it's one of the disadvantages of using cookies as currency, governments to protect from
fraud forbid baking some types of cookies. While the recipes for them can be found online
don't give in to the temptation, it's very likely that usage of counterfeit cookies will
cause investigation and ultimately lead to punishment by authorities (police).

― A small booklet for children describing elementary concepts of the world.

Note 3

There is plenty of history surrounding Armora. We could chat about its castles (yes, multiple!),
famous festivals, an abundant amount of local folklore... However one thing... One thing always bugged me - beliefs.

Generally our continent today is rather non-believing, historically it was the opposite actually.
However there wasn't a single religion on the rise, you could visit one town, see a plethora of God statues,
move to other one and find 40 other - different statues.
Gods changed, yet the way of worship rarely did, and people were at peace with that state of things. They respected each other,
no matter what others believed in, and they worshiped, worshiped their own gods, worshiped gods of their hosts - while there were visiting.
Mutual understanding and eagerness to share their own culture surpassed any excessive pride or desire to „convert” one another.

And you know what? I still believe. For thousands of years people believed, I want to believe too. I believe there are gods.
I don't exactly believe they are all powerful and so on, but they must exist. They may be just like us - fragile and mortal, maybe they have their own weaknesses and problems.
But I do believe in them, and I want to share it with others, I want... To meet them - the gods. What are they like? Do they feel fleeting time like we do? What do they cherish?
What is their morality? What would they say about our cookies? For centuries people believed in cookie related deities, difficult to tell if it's because of foolishness and greed or they really do exist.
Either way, no matter if the gods are cookie maniacs or pure, omniscient and righteous beings, I want to become one with them.

― A blog post by a local historian.

Note 4

During your search, you took a break and wandered off to a near beach.
Listening to the sounds of sea, countless birds flying around making all kinds of noises, the gentle breeze coming off the sea. It isn't a very stormy day, even considering this spring was way more windy than usual, today was just fine.
You were just about to resume your search for cookies when you've noticed in the corner of your eye a bottle. Drifting on waves of sea. Curious, you got closer. Bottle isn't too far away, you decided to wait until waves take it to the shore, as it looked like bottle had something in it.

Finally, after 10 minutes of waiting, drifting brought the bottle to your paws. It seems like there is a piece of paper inside, shielded from water with a classical cork. „How typical” you murmured.
Taking off the cork, you retrieved the piece of paper with relative ease, unfolding the paper, it showed...

It's not that difficult you tool!

🐐 = 2⁸+44
☢ = 2⁷-8
🎆️ = 2⁶-4
💣 = 2⁵-2
❗️ = 2²+1
🌟 = 2⁰+(31*65)-40-(6*🐐)+(💣*(-❗️))-(❗️²)


That's... Odd. You don't really know what this mysterious message means, it looks like someone playing a prank.