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You can support Wiki-Bot on Patreon to get some advanced features.


  • An embed with diff display mode for the recent changes webhook (Embed messages with image previews and edit differences)
  • Up to 5 recent changes webhooks (instead of 1)
  • Up to 25 verification entries (instead of 10)
  • Change the following settings:
    • bot's prefix
    • create channel overwrites for whole channel categories.
    • bot's interface language per channel overwrite.
    • minimal required role to use commands per channel overwrite.
    • toggle inline commands per channel overwrite.
  • Display user global blocks for Fandom wikis.
  • Display user global edit count for Gamepedia wikis.
  • Higher limit for:
    • interwiki chain (10 instead of 5)
    • commands per message (15 instead of 10)
    • search results listed (up to 25 instead of 10)
    • discussion posts text search (last 100 instead of 50)
  • Feature previews



$1 per month grants you the ability to enable these features in 1 discord server.


$5 per month grants you the ability to enable these features in 5 discord servers.

Help Commands[]

NOTE: These commands only work in the #patreon-chat channel in support server. You need to be a patron to see this channel.

  • !wiki patreon enable <server id>
    • Enable the patreon features for a server.
  • !wiki patreon disable <server id>
    • Disable the patreon features for a server.
  • !wiki patreon check
    • Check your current servers.
  • !wiki patreon edit <user> ±<amount>
    • Can be used to edit the amount of servers a user can have. This command can only be used by owners of the Wiki-bot.