Help with Wiki-Bot

Wiki-Bot is able to run a Recent changes webhook, based on 'Recent changes Goat compatible Discord webhook' (RcGcDw). The bot will fetch edits from Recent Changes as they come in, and post them in a channel.


  • MediaWiki 1.30 or higher;
  • The system message MediaWiki:Custom-RcGcDw must be set to the id of the discord server.

Display modes

Other info

  • For wikis on the Fandom Wiki Farm, there is another option: they can include Feeds based changes, like Discussion posts, Message Wall posts and article Comments in the webhook, exclude them from it, or show only them in the webhook.
  • The maximum amount of webhooks a server can have is 1 (5).
  • A specific wiki can be blocked from the webhook by an owner of the bot, in which case the webhooks that are currently running for that wiki will be deleted and new ones wouldn't be able to be added. The owners intend to use this to remove wikis that are simply too active for the webhook to handle[1], though the only wiki that has been able to break the webhook by being too active is Wikidata[2].
  • The webhook is based on RcGcDw, which needs to be self-hosted, but allows for greater customization than RcGcDb.

Help messages

  • !wiki rcscript
    • I will change the recent changes webhook.
  • !wiki rcscript add [<wiki>]
    • I will add a new recent changes webhook.
  • !wiki rcscript wiki <new wiki>
    • I will change the wiki for the recent changes webhook.
  • !wiki rcscript lang <new language>
    • I will change the language for the recent changes webhook.
  • !wiki rcscript display <new display mode>
    • I will change the display mode for the recent changes webhook.
  • !wiki rcscript feeds
    • I will toggle discussions changes on a Fandom wiki for the recent changes webhook.
  • !wiki rcscript delete
    • I will delete the recent changes webhook.


See also: Translation

The recent changes webhook is currently available in German, English, Hindi, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese and is translated separately from Wiki-Bot using Weblate.


  1. A message in #general on the Support server.
  2. As evidenced by these messages, it was adding hundreds of messages to the queue, and then it took the webhook 1 hour to clear the Wikidata backlog after the testing session had already ended.