Help with Wiki-Bot

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The Wiki-Bot's Settings are configured through the use of the !wiki settings command, or through the web-based Dashboard.

List of settings

  • The default wiki that the Wiki-bot queries. Default is it is set with !wiki settings wiki <wiki>
  • The interface language. Default is en (English). You can use it by doing !wiki settings lan <language>
  • The minimal role required to be able to use the Wiki-bot. Default is @everyone. Use it with !wiki settings role <role>
  • Whether inline commands can be used. By default, they can be.


The server-wide settings listed above can be overwritten per-channel or per category. The default wiki can be changed per-channel in every server, but the other settings can only be overwritten if patreon features are enabled on the server.

Help Commands

  • !wiki settings
    • I will change the settings for this server.
  • !wiki settings wiki <wiki>
    • I will change the default wiki for this server.
  • !wiki settings lang <language>
    • I will change the language for this server.
  • !wiki settings role <role>
    • I will change the minimal required role to use commands for this server.
  • !wiki settings inline toggle
    • I will toggle inline commands for this server.
  • !wiki settings channel
    • I will change the overwrites for the current channel.