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About me

I'm Frisk, Gamepedia contributor slowly joining Fandom since the UCP efforts. I'm active in the wiki community for a while, in the past advocating for the better future of Gamepedia. Community Connect attendee in years 2020 and 2021.


I'm a user of Gamepedia since 23 October 2013. For a long time only involved with Polish Minecraft Wiki. In 4 years I've became a bureaucrat of Polish Minecraft Wiki and later Wiki Guardian of Polish Gamepedia Help wiki. I learned about wikis a bit, but never dived too much into templates/modules and other technicalities. With time as I learned more of the English language I were able to expand my horizons to other wikis on Gamepedia, mainly English Minecraft Wiki and its community on the Discord server. At some point I joined Gamepedia's slack, sent an application for GRASP and became a GRASP member.

I also develop (and host for few wikis) a script that keeps track of recent changes on the wiki that are later sent to the Discord guild/server. The project page is located on GitLab.

Somehow a winner of the Gamepedia's Editor of the Year for 2019.


I joined Fandom fairly late (in June 2019) in preparation for Gamepedia merging with Fandom. I'm not currently active on any Fandom wiki, however I'm a little bit involved in Polish Fandom community.


I've joined VSTF in 2020-06-08 following the two groups (VSTF and GRASP) joining into one group called SOAP. Right now I'm focusing mostly on cleaning up Polish communities and all Gamepedia communities occasionally doing stuff outside of those.


For the purpose of transparency and consistency of my own actions I've decided to formulate the following manifesto regarding actions I take as SOAP member and user of Fandom:

  1. I help protect the wiki communities – vandalism and spam often negatively affect wiki communities, and I'll do work that help protect community content and integrity,
  2. communities have the ability to self-govern and as a SOAP member my own decisions are ALWAYS of lesser priority than decisions made by the community,
  3. I do not involve myself with wikis that are made for hateful, toxic purposes, and if I believe such wikis are breaking website's rules, I'll report them,
  4. I'm a volunteer – and I schedule my time accordingly, my private life always takes priority over wikis and Fandom,
  5. wiki users should be put through the least possible amount of inconvenience to edit their favorite wikis as possible, I'll always have strong opinion about making wikis as accessible both in accessing as with editing, thus any restrictions I put on the wikis (protections, blocks etc.) must be justifiable in given situation and should prioritize minimizing possible false-positives to minimum,
  6. I'm not here for Fandom the company, I'm here for the communities, this will be reflected in all my actions in regarding to reporting any activity on Fandom (I'm not forced to report any activity on Fandom).


Don't hesitate to contact me if you need assistance with removing spam or vandalism (although, better way to approach it – is to report it through proper channels), you do not agree with my actions on the wiki or even if you want to just say hi. If there is anything involving Polish on the wikis that you need help with, feel free to ping me any time as well.

You can contact me on talk page in here or by other means listed below and on my website.

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