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Hey there! I prefer doing maintenance tasks over article editing. I also like creating templates and scripts or stylesheets. I'm a Filipino, too. Order of my wiki knowledge: HTML, Wikitext, CSS, JS, Lua

Story 1: The Rise and Fall of Gamepedia[]

Chapter 1: The Start[]

A long time ago, when the world was still figuring out itself, a new faction was born, Gamepedia its name. The kingdom grew quickly, people wanted their own place in the kingdom, it was said the kingdom was a better place than any other kingdoms, which were ridden with very old infrastructure, the taxes enforced by their kings were too high and the kings not too merciful. On the other side, the new kingdom was blossoming, people from all over the world wanted to live there, have their own place there and to do that, they joined existing guilds of people who share their interests. The king here really cared about his most devoted citizens giving them tax exemption status and helping all of them so each of the guilds in the kingdom can prosper and spread the good word about the kingdom.

Soon enough the first bigger guilds were joining the kingdom, seeing the greatness of it they joined the kingdom along with their huge tracts. The momentum of growth became a sign of change, a change for the better future. One of the first great King's advisors was Wyn. She was passionate and very talented in all fields needed to manage the kingdom. She enthusiastically welcomed new guilds and made sure there is nothing on their way to be a fully functioning guilds on Gamepedia.

At first the biggest guilds in the kingdom included a guild which consisted of people who devoted their lives to punching the trees with their bare fists, while creating ...

Chapter 2: The Battle[]

When the other kingdom "Wikia" realized that they were losing guilds, they quickly find ways to "recruit" other guilds. Things like "new features

Chapter 3: The Merge[]

Chapter 4: The Fall[]

After the merge of the two kingdoms, it was the fall of Gamepedia. Many guilds had been riddled with high taxes, and are forced to follow rules that prevented the guilds to show off what they truly are. Soon enough, some of the leaders of the old kingdom were forced to leave the merged one, looking for a new place away from those. Many guilds hated the merge, with many things forced upon them without discussion from the guilds. They were very angry about the change, but the kingdom ignored them. Some guilds lost support from their original creators, while some left entirely, leaving an abandoned guild behind. It was very tragic, and there is no home. Soon...

= Story 2: A New Faction[]